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CLARIFICATION BEFORE READING: Spain is divided in "Comunidades" as the US is divided into states. My city, Vigo, is placed in Galicia, my "Comunidad".

Monday, 10/16/2017

A few days ago, multiple fires started in different places in the south of Galicia. The situation was critical because thousands of hectars were burning, and the wind and the lack of rain didn't help at all.
But it was last night, 15th October 2017, when forests from Vigo's surrounding villages started to burn too. In the city, we were all concerned about what was happening just some kilometers from us. Some of my classmates live near those forests that were on fire, so I was really worried about what could happen.
I barely remember how the succession of facts was because I was really nervous, but I vividly feel, and felt such a helplessness that was breaking me. My parents forced me to go to bed because, at the beginning of the night, fires were away from where I lived and I needed to get some rest for class tomorrow. But as it got darker, the fires got closer. I remember reading my classmates' WhatsApps and getting info about what was happening. How plots from all the city were burning, one after another, and so fast that nobody knew how to react. I spent about 3 hours trying to fall asleep and failing because all I could do was feeling hopeless and reading messages from my friends, telling me how the fire was burning gardens and bushes from all the city.
The series of feelings that surrounded me last night is indescriptable, and only now I can try to think clearly and write this. I'm not writing this because I want people to feel sorry for us, I'm writing this because I feel the need to tell the world what happened in my city and how I felt, how people felt.
I thank God that we, Galician people, are so resilient and unbreakable; when everyone might think we are giving up and we are going to run from trouble, we stand up, face and fight whatever is attempting to destroy us, or our land. We are really proud of what we have, and what we are, and in days like yesterday, I couldn't be prouder of calling myself "Gallega" because we work as one and we don't let some crazy terrorist destroy what we are, what we believe and what we have achieved. Currently, I feel really sad about everything that happened but overall I feel helpless once again.
I'm not going to look for guilty people, or look for political reasons that might be the cause of this; I just wanted to express my feelings and let them in here, on the Internet, where nothing disappears because if there's one thing that should never go away, is what we think, and how we fight until there's nothing more to fight for.
Because this can't happen #NeverAgain


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